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Ver.345 Changelog

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Patch Notes :

  • Added Mount Eruca
    • Portal spawn updated in Magic City of Eucar with option 1. Mount Eruca
  • Added Several starting scrolls to new characters:
    • Special Zant Scroll x5
    • Special Junon Scroll x5
    • Special Adventure's Plain Scroll x5
  • Added invite to party button in party window.
  • Added warn button to party window in case you have more then 7 players inside party.
    • above 7 players you won't gain EXP / DROP.
  • Added Buy/Sell messages when you sell or bought an item.
  • Edited starting zone for new characters to City of Junon Polis:
    • This way new players will see the community and generates less rebound.
  • Edited Start zulie amount to 10.000 zulie
  • Edited Magic City of Eucar :
    • Changed stairwell to be less buggy when you walk on top if it.
  • Edited Blue Astarot Icon from Item mall.
  • Edited Skill book costs to 1.000 zulie for all skill books.
  • Edited stockpile skill:
    • Stockpile works better as before and at all levels.
  • Edited Arua's Blessing Stone:
    • Arua's blessing stone stat % has been increased to 60% from level 1 > 70
    • New players won't need to wait until they receive buffs this way.
  • Edited Craft Window.
    • You can now craft multiple items while craft materials stay inside its crafting window.
  • Edited Party experience.
    • Party share experience is back as originally intended.
    • If a party contains 8 - 15 members no one will receive EXP/DROPS.
    • If you exceeds the 25 level difference, lowest of highest gets kicked out depending on who is leader.
  • Edited Daily Challange Questboard Quest [1][2][3][4]
    • [1] requires 4 quests completed
    • [2] requires 8 quest completed
    • [3] requires 10 quest completed
    • [4] requires 12 quest completed
  • Edited Luna Clan Field Tirwins at the main spot.
    • Decreased Interval time for respawn from 50 to 45 seconds.
  • Edited buy price for Shout Scrolls [50] in item mall to 900 Item Mall Points.
  • Fixed bonfire recovery rate, all bonfire levels give the correct HP/MP recovery rate.
  • Fixed Clan house skill not working
  • Fixed [NPC] Burtland not spawning clan members into clan house.
  • Fixed Resurrection Skill not working in Desert of Death Map.
  • Fixed Crafting % when crafting, items should fail less when they have a higher %.
  • Fixed Summon Capsules dealing massive damage in rare occasions.
  • Fixed Item Mall User Interface when you click buy points.
  • Fixed AOE in Desert of the Dead, you cannot damage your allies anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where party members wouldn't get exp when a member was level 130.
  • Fixed shop names not being able to fill correctly.
  • Fixed Artisan disassemble skill not working when you ran out of MP.
  • Fixed a server/client sync issue for MP
  • Fixed Mariner's Look its name to correct spelling.


Limited Item Mall Box June :

  • Special Butterfly Wing Box
    • Crystal Buttery Wing
    • Emerald Butterfly Wing
    • Ruby Butterfly Wing
    • Purple Butterfly Wing
    • Orange Butterfly Wing
    • Light Butterfly Wing
    • Pink Butterfly Wing
    • Blue Butterfly Wing
    • Dark Butterfly Wing
    • Red Butterfly Wing
    • Green Butterfly Wing
    • Forest Butterfly Wing
    • Sunset Butterfly Wing
    • Monarch Butterfly Wing


Preparations :

  • Added Summer event map.
  • Added Summer school event map.
  • Added Xita Refue.
  • Added 140 gears for all jobs.
  • Added 145 weapons for all jobs.
  • Added ETC Items from Xita.
  • Added Back Items for Xita
  • Edited Craft tables for Xita Items and higher level items. ( You will not see them inside craft table yet )
  • Added Several Motions and Effects for Union Skill System.


- Xita preparations are not to be released anytime soon! first upcoming big patch will be our dungeon release.

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