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Ver.355 Changelog

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Patch Notes :

  • Enabled Summer Event 2017
  • Added Sunshine Coast map
  • Added 7 new NPC's
    • [Summer Event] Nicole
    • [Summer Event] Pam
    • [Summer Child] Sam
    • [Summer Child] Lou
    • [Summer Child] Rick
    • [Summer Child] Andrew
    • [Summer Child] Ethan
  • Added Summer event mobs
    • Mr. Cannie
    • Mr. Baggie
    • Summer Fish]
  • Added 4 Summer Event Quests
    • Clean the Beach
    • Drowning Children
    • Oil at the Beach
    • Ice and Drinks
  • Added Seasonal Summer Item Mall Box.
    • Black Beach Wear
    • Blue Beach Wear
    • Green Beach Wear
    • Purple Beach Wear
  • Added 4 Special Summer Event Costume Boxes to Item mall.
    • Lifeguard Costume Box
    • Splash Down Costume Box
    • Beach Walk Costume Box
    • Luau Raver Costume Box
    • Summer Day Costume Box
  • Added Consumable Summer Event Items
    • Churros
    • Empanadilla
    • Char-broiled Corn
    • Hero Sundae
    • Cheeseburger
    • Iced Tea
    • Hibiscus Tea
    • Frozen Lemonade
    • Pina Colada
    • Parasol Shop Coupon
  • Added Summer Bikini's
    • Black Bikini
    • Blue Bikini
    • Blue Camouflage Bikini
    • Plaid Bikini
    • Tiger Camouflage Bikini
    • Yellow Beach Wear
    • Black Beach Wear
    • Blue Beach Wear
    • Red Beach Wear
    • Green Beach Wear
    • Zebra Swimming Wear
    • Leopard Swimming Wear
    • Lace Swimming Wear
    • Heart Swimming Wear
    • Sunflower Swimming Wear
    • Camo Swimming Wear
    • Black White Swimming Wear
    • Striped Swimming Wear
    • Simple Swimming Wear
    • Red Swimming Wear
    • Basic Swimming Wear
    • Plaid Swimming Wear
    • Flower Swimming Wear.
    • Spotted Swimming Wear
    • White Dot Swimming Wear
  • Added Several other Summer Items
    • Blue Moldie Inner tube
    • Pink Moldie Inner tube
    • Summer Bag
    • Surfboard
    • Summer Beach Surfboard
    • Dark Ice Cream
    • Red Ice Cream
    • Soda Drink
    • Clean Beach Surfboard


  • Added Several new Item Mall Icons as replacement for old icons.
  • Enhanced game logs ( Player actions, etc. )
  • Fixed few errors that caused client to crash under certain conditions.
  • Fixed Fairy in Birth Island to give you an option to get out of Birth Island.
  • Fixed Desert of the Dead mobs not showing its effect.
  • Fixed Cart Quest Description naming the correct monster you have to kill in order to burry the scrolls.
  • Removed Arua's Blessing Effect, it will now display below buff icons when the effect is active.


How to participate summer event ?


Jump in new portal at Junon to be warped to event map !



Have a nice day and enjoy the Summer!


Eternal iROSE Staff~

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