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Ver.370 Changelog

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NOTE:  With this update everyone is required to download a new client due to security improvements, link is available.

Patch Notes :

  • New client available to download [HERE] with changes and security updates.
  • Level cap is increased to 145.
  • Eldeon ( Xita Refuge ) has been added to game.
    • 145 armors are added
    • 145 weapons are added
    • Several new backshields & Wings added
    • 2 new craftable masks added.
    • Special Map boss for Xita that will spawn randomly during the day [ You will see a shout ]
  • Summer event has been disabled. Junon is back to its original state !
  • Union Skill window has been enabled. You can now browse it and get familiar with it until system goes active.
  • Added new limited item mall box.
  • Zant, Junon and Eucar will now be allowed with offline vending mode.
  • New character window, character window has been reworked and made better. Future Dungeon information will be shown there.
  • Changed all blue item settings to match the set names.
  • Changed Party messages it will now display as orange like this: [PARTY]XNDIT>Hello world!
  • Rune Stone items were edited so you cannot equip it if you don't match level/stat requirements.
  • Changed Arua's Blessing stone to end at level 75 instead of 70.
  • Changed Arua's blessing stone effects  to match 300 int cleric buffs.
  • Changed Jones quest to non-party quest.
    • Gems [3] will now be available as reward to Jones Quest.
    • Required proofs for Jones quest have been updated to: 5-7, 8-11, 12+ for grade 1,2,3 gems.
    • Pink Opals have been added as rewards to Junon Hour quest ( Jones quest ).
  • Dead characters wont be rewarded party quest items anymore.
  • Removed level 88 weapons from Basilik Captain
  • Removed seasonal and previous limited item mall box.
  • Reduced Lunar Clan Field side monsters respawn time.
  • Fixed a dislpay error while upgrading skills that would display unused level requirement.
  • Fixed a bug where new characters would sometimes not get start skills.
  • Fixed a bug where users could create more than 5 characters.
  • Fixed Titans[1] Challange
  • Fixed Summon monster stats.
  • Fixed Seal stone Action Interface, it will not spawn loads of tirwins anymore.

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