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Ver.1047 Changelog

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Patch Notes :

  • Fixed a display error for Recruit a Friend system that prevented the recruiter not seeing his recruiting friend.
    • this also caused the freeze in Xita.
  • Fixed Summon friend / Teleport to friend level requirement for planet Lunar and Eldeon.
  • Fixed Summon friend / Teleport to friend to actually spawn at your friends position.
  • Fixed No exp scroll display that did not vanished after time ran out.
    • it will also count down its time now.
  • Fixed 1hr exp medal display issue, it was being shown as no exp scroll.
  • Fixed several high level weapons regarding gem visibility.
  • Edited Forgotten Temple B2 level requirement, it has been raised till level 170.
  • Edited Blue weapons to match its original level requirements.
  • Disabled ETERNAL1YEAR coupon code.
  • Added new coupon code WELCOMEBACK2018

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