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Ver.1050 Changelog

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Patch Notes :

  • Fixed an error reward with QuestBoard quest in Zant (Pork the Other White Meat repeatable quest)
  • Fixed Sikuku Slaughterer in shady jungle mob is visible again.
  • Fixed a few empty warning messages client side (guard and various notifications).
  • Fixed an error where you could stack arua's benediction mana rune buffs and muse/cleric buffs.
  • Fixed few errors with Sikuku Underground Prison map.
  • Fixed several system message display errors.
  • Fixed potential client crash while browsing item mall UI.
    • Discord will now show if you are playing Eternal IROSE aswell as details of your current game session.
      • UczEDWQ.png
    • Added 27 exclusive  back items (wings and backshields) to item mall in 2 new boxes.
      • qh4cDHn.png
    • Added Mount type items and matching skill to use them.
      • gh3UMn7.png
      • Ride Mount Skill will be added with next upcoming patch.
    • Added 185 Katar ( lemerus ) to drop table from Vagabond in Forest of Wandering.


    Eternal iROSE staff~

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