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Ver.1057 Changelog

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Patch Notes :

  • General:
    • Added new effects for HP/MP consumables.
    • Changed several boss timed spawns to kill&clear spawn type.
    • Fixed level 200 dualswords gem effect issue.
    • Updated PAT fuel consumption. Riding will now consume fuel.
    • Added Summer Junon and Eternal iRose Summer Event 2018.
    • Changed Items Tooltip Display. Re arranged colors to have better view of item datas.
    • Added 15/15 and 10/20 item stats back to the game ( stat hammer IM )
    • Added Turak Backshield to droptable
    • Added Edeline Backpack to craft table.
    • Added Ikaness Worker Backpack to craft table.
    • Added Xita Dragon Wing to craft table.
    • Added Tortoise Backshield to craft table
  • Summer Event:
    • T1mZckh.png
    • Cross Gate in City Of Junon Polis to access summer event map and help out Pam and her friends in their summer quests.
    • Added Seasonal Summer Box to Item Mall
  • Mounts:
    • R99zfWc.png
    • Added mount quest to npc Sicru in City Of Junon Polis. Complete this quest to get Mount Skill. Use it to ride your equipped mount.
    • Added mount shop to npc Sicru in City of Junon Polis.
    • Added mount energy feature. Feed your mount when it's energy is low. If it reaches 0 you wont be able to use it until you feed it.
  • Arua's blessing :
    • Fixed an error with additional damage that would not cast correctly.
    • Fixed an error where other players would see you running faster than you should.
    • Added rune upgrade quest to Arua's Fairy in City of Junon Polis. Rune can be upgraded up to level 3 with quests. You need to have rune equipped on your character for quest to unlock at Arua's Fairy.
    • ik7z8Wd.png
      • Arua's Blessing Level 1:  Grants 300 intelligence full cleric buffs effects - Level <= 75.    (Automatic Reward to new accounts)
      • Arua's Blessing Level 2:  Grants 400 intelligence full cleric buffs effects - Level <= 100.  ( Quest at Arua's Fairy )
      • Arua's Blessing Level 3:  Grants 450 intelligence full cleric buffs effects - Level <= 130.  ( Quest at Arua's Fairy )
      • Arua's Blessing Level 4:  Grants 500 intelligence full cleric buffs effects - Level <= 130.  ( Item Mall Item )
    • Updated Mana Rune item icons and boost active notifications when equipped.
  • Quests:
    • Added new quest window UI. HWSSffK.png
    • Quest Tracking System:
      • zjJ55u3.png
      • Quest tracking system was updated and will allow you to quest up to 10 simultaneous and different quests on every characters logged you have.
      • Not all quests are curently available in trackers, quests will be added to tracker with next update. Daily Challenges aswell as questboard quests are fully trackable.
    • Fixed an error where daily challenges wouldn't be deleted properly if not available for current day.
    • Added a client message when daily challenges have expired.
  • Features:
    • Added Ingame Voting system:
      • SWzsc3h.png
      • You can vote every 12hours on two available voting sites.
      • Click on "VOTE" icon when available, click on side banner, complete captcha and press vote.
      • Each vote will reward 1 item mall point.
    • Added Item Linking system:
      • FM9QxZU.png
      • Hold right click and left click any items in your inventory to link it to selected chat.
        • Works only in: Main chat ( General, Whisper, Party, Clan, Shout, Broadcast, etc. ) and private chat (friends). 
        • You have to select chat before trying to link item to it.
  • Wiki:
    • Eternal iRose Wiki will be live shortly after maintenance has completed.


Eternal iROSE staff~

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